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Diviner Maros
Official description: Diviner Maros is a figure of awe and terror, even among his fellow cultists within the Circle of Thorns. Though not the most powerful of their mystics, Maros has the ability, or curse, to see the past and future. Rumours say that his spirit was split across time after an accident during some arduous mystic research, but no one really knows the truth. Many within the Circle fear him, because his predictions come true all too often. When rumours arose that he was seeking freelancers to perform tasks there was a great outcry within the Circle, but no one dared try to stop him.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: Maros is a very strange man to work with. He sees the past, present and future at the same time, so he tends to babble or forget when certain things are supposed to happen when. However, his skill is rare and it's even rarer for one to master this skill, so he does deserve a degree of respect. I do my best to not question his requests or statements, hoping that it all makes sense in the end; he's not a man you want to be rude to. And I do admit, it's is tempting to ask questions about my future, the fact that what he divines is true is what scares me from doing so. But overall, he keeps his promises and is true to his word… even if he rambles a bit at times.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Kindred

Mr. Bocor
Official description:Very little is known about Mr. Bocor. Even his first name is a closely guarded secret, as Bocor understands that names have great power. He's a student of power in general. As a Vodoun priest, Bocor came to Port Oakes eager to learn the secrets of the mysterious ghosts that haunt its shores. But he's not immune to the call of more earthly power, such as that wielded by the Family. Which makes him a dangerous adversary, or a powerful ally.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: Voodoo overall scares the shit out of me. In places like the Nerva Isles, and the Potter's Field in Sharkhead rampent with voodoo witchcraft, I've seen what it can do. So someone who masters such abilities of the dark arts is someone I say at least fifty feet away from and wouldn't touch with a hundred foot poll. And then there's the rumors I've heard about Mr. Bocor that sometimes keep me away from that area of Port Oakes in general. Yeah, he's that scary. But, in all seriousness, if I told you half the things I knew about Mr. Bocor, you'd probably short circuit.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Stranger

Veluta Lunata
Official description: Formerly one of Ghost Widow's personal aides, Veluta Lunata fell out of favor when she was discovered having an affair with an Arachnos soldier. As a test of Veluta's loyalty, Ghost Widow ordered her to kill the young man. Veluta did as she was bidden and slew the man she loved. Impressed, Ghost Widow took pity on her and told her how to bind the soldier's soul to herself for all eternity. Currently, Veluta is tasked with monitoring the Arachnos ghost research program on Port Oakes. She hopes someday to work her way back into Ghost Widow's good graces.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: The conflict in Arachnos starts from the top and quickly trickles to the lesser servants like a blight. When the lieutenants of Lord Recluse cannot meet without inacting violence, it is up to the close aids to keep lines of communication open and keep peace to those below us. This is how Miss Lunata and I interact when given the chance to. Overall, I like her. She's a no nonsence, get-down-to-business kind of woman, which I respect. But she can be as stuck up as Ghost Widow's other aides, which sometimes makes necessary negotiations aggrivating. And I feel sorry for her boyfriend. He has to put up with her for all eternity. Meh, he kinda deserved it. That's what you get when you can't keep your pants on.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Aquaintance

Official description: Hardcase is a professional demon hunter. Demon hunters as a general rule don't live very long, so the fact that he is a veteran is a testament to his skills or luck. Hardcase has come to St. Martial to deal with the demons who plaque the area, and is looking for freelancers who aren't afraid to tuss with the monsters.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: As a fellow hunter of monsters, Hardcase and I have an understanding although we both hunt very different prey. I've worked with him a few times in the past of which I helped him clean up the wailer problem in St. Martial while he gave me equipment and pointers for vampires. He is a pleasure to work with and an inspiration to me to be a better hunter than what I am now. Bascially, if I have a large problem and something to negotiate with, I go to Hardcase for help.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Comrad

Archmage Tarixus
Official description: Archmage Tarixus is an ancient sorcerer who has always existed on what is now known as Potter's Field. His mortal body has long since passed on, leaving only his ghostly spirit. It's said that the Circle of Thorns tried acquiring power over him at one time, but Tarixus quickly put them in their place.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: It is to my knowledge that Archmage Tarixus was once a powerful Mu Sorceror in his time, and continues to be so now as a spirit in Potter's Field. His wisdom and power continue to strike fear into the locals and there are few who try to test or control him. While he can hold his own in a battle, there are times his material possesions become scattered or the Circle of Thorns tries to pull a new one over his eyes and he needs assistance.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Comrad

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt
Official description:Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt is a high-ranking member of the Rikti Restructurists, one of the two factions among the alien invaders that have appeared since their initial attack was stalled. Now that the rival Traditionalist faction has started to increase their smaller numbers while advocating long-term accomodation with the heroes of humanity, the Restructurists have decided that it is imperative they are stopped, even if doing so means working with elements of humanity. To this end, Kuhr'Rekt is on Grandville at the request of Lord Recluse himself, representing his people to trade assets, information, and technology that can be used against their mutual enemies.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: The Ambassador's strategic placing near my hospital seems to have helped in forming a friendship between him and myself. The two of us seem to have a lot in common in views of the world and Arachnos' agenda. I don't completely agree with his Reconstructionist ideals and thinking, but I don't fully disagree with it either. He feels my enthusiasm for Arachnos is silly but puts that fully aside as well. Overall, we have pleasant conversations and I have helped him achieve a “revenge” he longed for many, many years ago. And it is THAT which has made our bond even stronger.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Kindred

Operative Grillo
Official description: Operative Grillo is a scientist dedicated to the developments in science and technology to further the cause of Arachnos. He acts as the official Arachnos liason with Dr. Aeon in Cap au Diable through his proxies, and is involved with a number of secret Arachnos projects. He is a fervant supporter of Lord Recluse's vision - a technocratic world led by its greatest thinkers.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: Technocrats. *shrug* I'm mostly impartial, but it is nice to have someone with my intellect to talk to on some occasions. Operative Grillo is the leading scientist in Grandville, which has earned him the respect and ire of other scientists on the island. Many strive to be better, but none are going to match his enthusiasm for both Arachnos and science itself, to which I know better than to compete.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Kindred

Technician Naylor
Official description: Portal Technician Grant Naylor joined Arachnos to get out of his old life of dead-end jobs. His overall aptitude test would have placed his as low-grade cannon fodder, except for one thing: While his overall academic ability was below average, he had an innate grasp of interdeminsional theory equal to most experts in the field. Naylor now works as part of the Arachnos Exploratory Science Division, where his intuitive feel for how inter-dimensional travel works is being put to use reverse-engineering other groups' dimensional travel technologies.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: Okay, so he's not dumber than a bucket of rocks, but the only subject in Grant Naylor's head seems to be portals. As of now, he's analysing magic Circle portals in Nerva and has made a fair amount of accomplishments to his name. Mole Point Bravo seems to be his huge folly and screw-up, and I don't know to this day how he kept his job. But he did, and while he can be the butt of several jokes because he's “easy to intimidate and bribe,” I can remember a past Cap au Diable govenor who was murdered becasue of portal technology…
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Stranger

Basse Croupier
Official description: Basse Croupier had a promising singing career once upon a time, until a run of bad luck hit him hard and knocked him down for the count. A bankrupt record label, swindling managers, and several scandals ruined his career, leaving him destitute and on the street. His luck finally turned around when Johnny “The Pipes” Sonata, the crooner most people had picked Basse to replace before his downfall, offered the down-on-his-luck singer a job at his casino in the Rogue Isles as a pit boss. Basse's been thankful to Johnny ever since, and has become one of Sonata's most trusted men.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: I picked up one of Basse's CD's bootleg once. Shame, because he's an alright singer who would've gone places given the chance. But overall he's a great guy. He's full of energy and personality, and sure knows how to party. He's also gotten a lot of dates from the pick-up line: “Yeah, I know Johnny Sonata.” It hasn't won me over, but now I've got a good friend for life after doing one or two jobs that either Johnny or Basse needed me to do for the Giza. Okay, I'll admit it, I did once go on a date with Basse. How'd it go? Alright, but I don't see myself marrying him.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Kindred

Johnny Sonata
Official description: He's the top of the heap, the big cheese, the man himself: Johnny Sonata. Everyone knows who Johnny Sonata is. He sung his way up in the world with his golden voice and charming smile. While he still releases platinum-selling albums every year, he spends much of his time running his casino, the Golden Giza. Johnny is an extremely powerful man, and there are many rumors that say he's tied both to the Family and to Arachnos.
Dr. Lore's Commentary: I'll say that “Moonlight Beams of Blue” is my favorite song of his, but in all honesty I have no idea how a guy with a mediocre voice got so huge. Makes me wonder who he slept with *AHEM*, anyway I've never met Johnny Sonata personally, but it would be kinda cool if I did. Supposedly, he's an alright guy.
Dr. Lore's Relationship Level: Stranger

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