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This is Dr. Samantha Lore reporting. I understand most of you reading this probably never visited the Rogue Isles or know any of it's inhabitants. This is a small guide for the occasional viewer made to help clear up a few things and get to know the world of City of Villains.

I provide (mostly) un-bias information to the best of my resources. To anyone who wants another source for certain facts (hmph!), I can point you to three of the more popular web articals that you can use:

City of Heroes website - Most official information about Paragon City (and some world history) can be found under the “Game Info” button. Click the “Paragon City backstory” link afterward for a fascinating history lesson of Paragon City from it's founding to the aftermath of the Rikti War. Another button to click in the main menu is the “Comic Book” button. Here, you can download all twenty of the City of Heroes comic books (and the fan comic of the 2008 Valentines Day event) for FREE! (Other comic books include the Blue King publications and the one Dark Horse published stand-alone comic)

City of Villains website - Again, most of your info can be found in the “Game Info” menu. Ghost Widow's journal has been published in the “Fiction” section, and there is lots of information that some setting foot in the isles for the first time will find useful (it also shows off how awesome Ghost Widow is. Shhh, don't tell anyone I said that). Other links to click there are “The Rogue Isles” (for a map and detailed history), “Geography” (for info on specific islands), and “Enemies” (for everyone Arachnos doesn't like). There are many other links to explore, so explore them yourself.

ParagonWiki - Here's the main Wiki artical for all things CoX. If there's a specific character/storyline/gaming aspect you need looking up, here's the place for it. This does contain many spoilers for both Heroes and Villains, so you have been warned.

If you'd rather have info on the Rogue Isles from someone who actually LIVES THERE, this forum is the place. Feel free to post and reply, just follow standard ToS rules (NO SPAM! Grrrr…). Enjoy!

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