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I like your comic.
Lucheek at 5:52PM, Oct. 5, 2009
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Hello, I stumbled upon your comic by clicking a link on the top of another comic I read. After reading it, I have decided: I like your comic, and I will continue to read it. The story just drips of pure epicness (in the literal sense of the word, not the newer connotation of it. Epic like a heroric journey, not like an epic fail, if you know what I mean.) ANYWAYS. Just thought you would like to hear from a new fan.

I arrange the webcomics I bookmark by day of update– since I couldn't find where you updated on the site itself, I came onto the forum to see if that was here. Let me say, when I found this forum is chuck-full of juicy, juicy details it made me very happy. I love details, especially boring inconsiquential stuff. Rock on, man, rock on. (I still wasn't able to find when the comic updates, though. I just began looking for a pattern in the days previous pages had been posted. I have deduced Harkovast is a weekly monday-updated comic. I hope thats right because it is already sorted! Dun dun duuuuun.)

But, just dropping a line. I like your use of details and basing from real cultures from history. (A japanese/asian race and a native american isn't all that common, both the Goths from ancient Europe? Very unique!) I like your characters, they are a good mix of awesome fighting skills with realistic personalities, and most of all I like the story. Feels like an epic conquest.

Hope all is well with you. Rock on, rock on.
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harkovast at 6:16PM, Oct. 5, 2009
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A good review!
I've had a few bad ones of late so it is nice to hear somebody is enjoying it!
Also glad you appreciate everything I put out here on the forum.
This sort of encouragement really means a lot to me.
(And it updates every Monday!)

For more Harkovast related goings on, go to the Harkovast Forum
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rokulily at 4:50PM, May 27, 2011
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harkovast is a good comic. its a bit stiff in stlye but the color is absolutely beautiful and constantly improving. the conflicting detailed cultures coexisting, the deep history of why things are the way it is… it makes it so very interesting. the character too are the sort that grow on you. they're diverse, don't know how to interact with each other but are in the process of learning which is, i think, sorta unique. they grow with the comic in so many ways

thats why i like harkovast.
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