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First Milestone: 10 Pages
robzidious at 5:27PM, Jan. 26, 2009
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For me, getting to 10 pages is a huge milestone. You see, I have a problem committing to certain hobbies. I will often try my hand at something and either get bored with it too quickly or things will just start getting in the way. So far, neither of those things have happened. I've been able to update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday without missing a beat. I really enjoy doing this and enjoy the responses. I know this is a really friendly community in general but I have enjoyed the readership. I'd like to reward the readers here. I'm thinking of running a contest in the next few days/weeks. I'd also like to open up some guest art/strips. I'm really excited about where the strip is headed. My main goal is to eventually move from DD and onto my own hosted site with a comicpress blog. Before I do that, however, I'd like to get some loyal readers established. To those that lurk everytime the comic is updated but don't comment, thank you as well. If you are a lurker, I'd like to know so please send me a friend request or a PQ sometime. I love interacting with the readers. Anyway, thanks for making this an enjoyable experience thus far and I look forward to keeping it up!

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