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dwrean at 1:35PM, Dec. 28, 2010
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this this thread has not done anything to evolve beyond 150 and bffsatan has told everyone to, i suppose i must induldge in some good yelling. in other words…
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Canuovea at 2:27PM, Dec. 28, 2010
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Yeah. That pretty much summarizes what happened on this thread.

The Webcomic Review Comic on the Web that kicked the hornet's nest.
Yeah, never read the book or saw the movie, I just think it works here.

But things seem to be finally calming down. Kinda sad really, I think I'll miss the insanity…
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dustowl at 1:19PM, June 10, 2011
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Fan-service can be in the form of a lovely lady in a flattering evening gown at a modern ball, or, to promote gender equality, a muscled soldier performing maintenance on a vehicle out in the desert with no shirt on.

Well, Japanese authors should be considered fan-service experts. I can't really fault hobbyists if all the professionals keep doing the exact same thing. You need to remind yourself who reads mangas. 16 years old readers want to see naked young girls. I don't really know why, but most boys seems to enjoy to see male protagonists beaten up by sexy 16 years old female leads. This applies for European, US and Japanese readers.

My personal opinions:
- The art seems to be enough to tell the story, but the story is not good enough to support the barely adequate art. Please, simplify your art. I do not criticize the art; it's enough to tell the story and improving your drawing skills takes time.

-The story is too long. Edit it shorter. If you must, divide it.

- It's really hard to parodise mangas. Failure equals problems.

- Apparently Japanese people have a higher tolerance for the fan-service. Then again professional artists usually know exactly what they are doing. I don't quite like how Hark criticize hugely successful manga industry (it cannot be utterly bad because it generates money), but manga authors really do use too much violence and sex. That's because the weekly release schedule and the hard competition.

- Instead of overly criticizing hard fan-service, Hark should ask the author to recategorise his web-comic. This would help both young readers and people searching more hardcore stuff. Admins should be able to do something about illegal(?) comics.

Read the Standard now. Perhaps the second best gender parody on the Internet.
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