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Hello, I am new here and am still trying to figure out how to make this blog/forum work.
So, I am sorry if my layout looks so simple, I'm looking around!

I have created The Pirate Balthasar many years ago (you won't believe this but I've created the first chapter in this saga back in 1989, during summer vacation from school)… I have never actually found time to sit down and draw it the way I've always wanted to, until this year. I hope you enjoy my comic.

In the meantime I leave you with some useful informations.

I am releasing it in chunks - every 10 days - and I'm already up to chapter 3. I will upload the first 2 chapter soon!
Chapter 1 is 45 pages long and chapter 2 is 32 pages long.

The comic is being hosted in many places around the web, because it's released in two different languages: English and Italian.

If you want to have some information about characters and historical facts (but not boring ones) and other things here's the blog I set up for it:

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