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TommyBrownell at 10:50PM, Nov. 9, 2011
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So our Hellrazer comic has finished its first story (which was a reprint of the debut story that appeared in Equinox #1) and this week we launch into the follow-up story: VOODOO. This is the first time these pages are hitting the public, and I hope I've learned a bit as a writer. I'm also taking over the lettering…these are literally the first pages I have lettered. The stories are black and white from here on out as well, as Johnnie and I have had issues getting the material colored in a timely and consistent manner.
Anyway, I hope you'll check it out. The cover goes up this morning (Thursday), and page one on Friday, and it'll update every Tuesday and Friday until the story concludes at the end of February.
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