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VILLAIN GROUP: Meta Supremacist Group (Heremod, Cerebelle, Komodo)
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Here are a few of my characters for the Metahumanist group ( the Meta Supremacist group)Name: Alexander SmithAlias: Heremod Age: 35Powers: Heremod is invulnerable to most weapons ( Energy, Laser weapons will harm him, bullets, blunt objects don't), has abnormal strength,

Info: Heremod is extremely cunning, militant and fanatical about the supremacy of Metahumans over regular humans; He uses violence as a means to intimidate anyone who sees him. He may look big and dumb, but he is a trained and intelligent man who will do whatever it takes to make sure that Metahumans have their own country and that all humans will be seen as vermin and will be crushed.

————————-Name: Sarah Wheeler Alias: CerebelleAge:21Powers: Telekinesis, Empath, Has the ability to control people’s bodies by taking over their minds.Info: Cerebelle is psychotic and arrogant, seeing humans as nothing but toys for her to crush and destroy. Her hatred of humans stem from abuse from her father because of her powers as well as being the victim of an attempted assault, which resulted in the three criminal’s brains being crushed into paste by her powers, after that she was recruited by the Metahumanist and she has loved every moment with them, causing nothing but agony and suffering to insects known as humans.

—————————————-Name: Norman JormungandAlias: KomodoAge: 23Powers: Since he is a lizard metahuman, his skin is as tough as armor, he has lightening fast reflexes and agility and he can produce a toxic, acidic “Breath” that can melt through almost any material ( The types of material he can’t melt are Volucite and certain types of metal like Titanium)

Info: Komodo acts like a monster than a human, he acts more on impulse and instinct than cognitive thinking or intelligence, he would just as easily kill his allies as he would someone who got in his way, he is not a human, he is an destructive animal who wishes only to destroy,main, and consume.

Here are some basic designs I made on heromachine, I have been having some trouble with a insignia for them, if anyone has an idea on it, let me know.




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