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VILLAIN: Desperado
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Name: Kyle Buck

Age: 23

Alias: Desperado

Goal: To set an untouchable high Showdown Win Record.

Persona: Typically, Desperado meanders about from city to city, bar to bar, gambling and gathering info to find his next potential “showdown” opponent. (note: his definition of “showdown” is dumbed down to a one-on-one fight). Although his primary goal is to go one-on-one, he still plays dirty, using innocent bystanders and/or the general environment to gain his advantage. Of course, if necessary for survival, he'll ditch the idea of one-on-one and call it a deferred duel.

Abilities: Pin-point accurate energy expulsion from his fingertips (all ten are capable, although he prefers to primarily use just his index and middle fingers while his hands mimic the shape of a pistol). He calls an all-finger attack his “shotgun”. He has high agility for a human and can out-drink just about anybody.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He'll often forget the big picture if he's found an opportunity for a one-on-one, as part of an unhealthy obsession to obtain the “Win.” He can only shoot energy out of his fingers and no other outlet. He's quite attached to his hat.
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