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VILLAINS: Crime Warp and The Ancient
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Ok, ok. I'm working the design, but I still like my teleporting villain so…

Name: Joe Warren

Age: 30

Alias: Crime-Warp (Not intentionally, but branded this by media/superheroes)

Goal: Stealing a lot of stuff and becoming rich.

Persona: Joe is a petty thief in every sense of the word. He's not interested in ruling the world or killing anyone, he just wants to steal valuable merchandise and fence it on the black market for money. He's going to avoid a fight at all cost, placing highest priority on escaping with what he wants and isn't really the cold blooded killer type and is not completely immoral, though he may not feel remorse about letting a situation kill somebody if he can prevent it. He is rather easily bribed, hired and bought with his greed.

Abilities: Joe, when in possession of his mystic artifact, Joe possesses perfect teleportation from his current location to any location he imagines whether or not he has been there. In the case that the location cannot be accessed or is no longer existant, he will be transported to the nearest similar location. He is a capable combatant and rather clever, skilled at breaking and entry even without teleporting and good at basic conning 101 including slight of hand, pickpocketing and distracting authority figures.

Weakness/Flaw: His “perfect” teleporting is dependent on where his mind wants to go. If he's distracted or agrees with the suggestion of someone mid teleport he may go to the wrong place. His artifact is the basis of his power and can be separated from him.


He'll wear suits out of costume, but this is his Supervillain suit.

Name: Rex Octavius

Age: 17 for all time, Actually dates back to the rise of the Roman Empire

Alias: The Ancient

Goal: Perpetuating war and struggle in the world so that he might become revered by ending it and appease his patron Mars.

Persona: Rex maintains a cool and calculated composure in most times. He comes off as slick and smooth in his day to day dealings and is an excellent actor, pulling off sympathetic and kindhearted well. In reality, he's long become disgusted with humanity and sees them as a little more than ants to be toyed with and discarded. Still, he handles most situations with a maturity and levelheadedness betraying his actual age. Unfortunately, when things don't go his way, he tends to become increasingly childish, throwing tantrums and lashing out at people near him, making it seem as if the millenia haven't aged him so much.

Abillites: Rex is the owner of a multi-million dollar corporation based out of Italy with it's fingers in both sides of nearly every arms race in the world. As a result he has a wealth of wealth and access to cutting edge weapons and technology. Having been blessed by Mars with the eternal youth of the Greco-Roman gods, he has had a multitude of years to perfect many skills, most relating to combat and magic. He was even in his day a master tactician and has had centuries to perfect his art. He is practiced in dark magic as well, it being more favored over his company's technology, and can attain various feats through sacrifices and offerings to his gods. Due to his pact with Mars, he cannot be killed in a traditional manner, like old age or a bullet would.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He's a straight up brat. When things don't go as perfectly as he expects, he tends to flake, make rash decisions and let his temper get in the way. He is bad with modern technology as well and usually has to have one of his staff work anything complex than simple machines for him. He still can be theoretically killed, but he's much easier contained/trapped/temporarily stopped. And, even if stuff doesn't kill him, it can still hurt him, but it takes alot.
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