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VILLAINS: Killerton and Coldcut
SympleSymon at 7:23AM, April 22, 2010
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Villains at last!



Aburamushi (a Demon/Oni Lord of Time - although he shouldn't be out-and-out active, he's more of a ‘playing in the shadows’ type of nefarious mastermind, as anything he'd do would only be to further accomplish his goals that will take place in ‘HA:VA’)

Mr Capella (same ‘puppetmaster’ style as Aburamushi, only he's human :P Seems to be growing compulsively-obssessed with amassing a superpowered gang with which to rule the streets of Patriot City. In the HA universe, he may be a good source through which other villains are ‘supplied’ or ‘ordered’ to do his bidding, or those of his clients.)

More bad guys will be made available as time goes on!

Retake - What happens when a movie star goes from portraying a hero on the silverscreen to becoming one in real-life? Nothing good…

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