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VILLAINS: Siren and Eddie "Hangman" Cappio
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Here is another one :)

Name: Siren (though she prefers the term Mistress)
Age: ??? (She won't let anyone know her real age, she looks to be in her late 20's)

Powers: Her beauty (which can influence men to do as she commands), Electric Whip

Info: mannerisms is that of a Rich and Arrogant woman, also could be a spoiled brat as well, she usually is seductive and always trying to seduce men and use them for her personal goals, mostly for money.

Weakness: She can be easily flustered and is quick to anger.

Also I know her outfit is a bit more risque than what I wanted, so if anyone wants to redesign her with a more PG 13 rated clothing design, please don't hesitate :)

Name: Eddie “Hangman” Cappio
Age: 31
Powers: Strength, Invulnerable

Info: Eddie was one of the toughest and most feared Hitman known throughout the 20's and into the 30's, during Prohibition he worked with the Machetini family, his MO was leaving a Hangman's noose on his victim, unfortunately for him, members of the family wanted him out of the way so they could climb the ranks, so they had him murdered, they first beat him with a bat, strangled with his own noose, before setting him on fire and then tossing him into a muddy river. He rose up from the dead in the modern era, he know seeks to create his own criminal empire and become the greatest gangster the world has ever seen.

I like my horror films like I love my burgers…Full of Cheese!!

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