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HERO: Speed-0
Neilsama at 9:18AM, Feb. 14, 2014
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Speed-0 (or Speed-Zero, if you prefer), is a light parody of Robin The Boy Wonder, specifically the Burt Ward version.  And yet, he also bears darker characteristics of the Burton/Schumacher universe.  (Except there are no nipples on the costume.)
He first appears in a passing comment in chapter 6 of Dasien…
But he's more recently gotten more fleshed-out (no pun intended) in a more recent story by Fukujinzuke.
Obviously, you should follow the latter in terms of character.  Since Speed-0 has only had this one adventure, writers are free to embelish.  He is clay in your hands.  I would suggest as many Batman & Robin jokes as you can, from any incarnation of the characters that you prefer.
Brief Bio: Speed-0 is the world's greatest boy detective.  Dark-reddish hair.  Stands roughly 5 ft & 2 in.  Identity unknown.  DOB unknown, but believed to be between the ages of 16 and 18.  (Probably home-schooled to account for his free time.)  The boy genius works the third shift in Stratford City, while Dasien is usually asleep.
Powers: He is a meta-human, whose main power is that he can change his perception of time so that things appear to be happening very slowly, enabling him to assess his fighting strategy more efficiently than most heroes.  He does not have super speed, but his meta-abilities grant him a degree of enhanced strength, akin to that of a top-tier Olympic athlete. 

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