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TALES of SIG - BEAM on in
plymayer at 11:00PM, Aug. 18, 2014
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Read a lot of the comics here on DD and enjoy them all.   Here's one that is just starting and is worth looking at:
by bravo1102 

Tales of SIG has all the marks, bells and whistles of Bravo's previous space adventures with a lot of TREK tomfoolery. And of 
course there are those dolls and the nudity.  What's not to like?  Once again Bravo manages to put out one of the best darn comics 
that no one ever heard of. 
I'm tickled pink about it. We need to spread the word about this comic. 
Bravo1102 is currently nominated in the DD awards for
Best Sci-Fi Comic
Best Photo Comic
Best Use of Medium
Best Horror Comic

His comics are for adults so…..

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