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Heroes Alliance Monthly Mayhem Art Challenge webcomic January 2015 relaunch
irrevenant at 5:51AM, Jan. 1, 2015
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We're relaunching the Heroes Alliance Monthly Mayhem monthly webcomic for January 2015.

For this month's challenge we're (re)starting simple while still trying to do something a bit different:  We're asking artists to submit a picture of an original character we've never seen before and to not include any information about the character until the end of the month - not even the character's name. Ideally characters would suit the Heroes Unite/Heroes Alliance setting but it's not mandatory (and that setting includes almost everything under the sun anyway :) )

Then we'll ask commenters for their opinions on who they think the character is.  It should be interesting to see the variety of ways that others interpret the character.

If you would like to take part, the comic is at

EDIT: Aaaaaand we have our first entry. :)  So the info page for this month's challenge is now at:

Thanks, and happy new year! :D
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