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Updated team roster?
cdmalcolm1 at 3:48PM, March 29, 2017
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The HUniverse gods are close to a crawl. 2015. Wow we have got to get a move on. Granted even I have been moving very slowly with HA pages as of late. My reasons, not enough interactions between us. So I'm going jump back on this topic: main case for HA.

The list of characters that can and cannot be used. We can review the list of availability as a start. As we know Shell is free to use however we see fit according to fuku. I've talked with the creator of RoofRat and he is fre to use. My characters solarcell, dark-beauty, perception, Samantha the purple machete are free to use. Mr. Imp also is another one that is free to use. The rest as we all know we have to get permissions. Titan I know I will need permission to use if I can get in contact with the creator. On my side she will be used on a p/t status. Peligroso, I think needs to be a core member. He has been there from the get go. If it comes to him going part time statue I'm fine with that but I don't think he should be off the team. Bombshell is a must core member. The bujin can stay at what ever status ironhand says he is at. The flee would be awesome to have on HA. Astral and sparkle if I'm not mistaken would be a great addition to HA.

All of the case members I mentioned above I will be using in both versions of SolarCell's comics.

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