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Please everyone, get behind this great comic project
cartoonprofessor at 5:33PM, June 13, 2016
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Gday all. It's been a little while since I was posting every day on here (back in the DrunkDuck days).

Hopefully this is the right category for this. If not, please move it to the correct one admin. Thanks.

While researching for a new comic/children's book idea I came across the fantastic Untold Tales of Bigfoot..
…Nominated, Short List for Best Webcomic of 2012
…Reuben Winner, Best Online Comic (Long Form) 2012.
…Nominated, Best Online Comic (Long Form) 2014.

The author/illustrator, Vince Dorse is running a kickstarter campaign to get it published. The goal is only $8000 and with only a few days to go he is at $7719.

It is not going to take much to get Vince and UTOB over the line. Please support him here: Untold Tales of Bigfoot Kickstarter

You can read some of the comic here: Untold Tales of Bigfoot

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Vince or his work in any way (other than being a backer of this project) I am just posting this here because as a comic artist myself I like to support other artists whenever possible.
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cartoonprofessor at 6:55PM, June 13, 2016
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joined: 9-2-2007
I think everyone will agree, the guy has talent. Here is a sample page…

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