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Volte6 at 3:08PM, Aug. 18, 2006

Well, we finally did it, the long awaited design upgrade to Drunk Duck!

Last week the Duck was moved to its own dedicated server. Today we not only did a significant design upgrade, but added some new tools too.

Check out the BROWSE function. You can now browse our over 3,000 comics by type and SEE a snapshot of the first page for each! In the next upgrade, hopefully in about 30 days, creators will actually be able to upload the image they want used for the snapshot.

The Top 10 Favorites on the front page also include a snapshot of the first page of each comic. Also for the Top 5 Stories and Top 5 Strips, when you roll your cursor over each listed comic the snapshot image for that comic shows up.

I’ve eliminated the top ranked strips. This was a constant source of dispute and arguments. You can still give a rank to each strip, but we will no longer show top rankings.

On the front page we’ve added a regular poll. If you have a poll you want us to run, email or PM us and if it makes sense we’ll add it! We’ve also added a news feed from our friends at Broken Frontier. They are the voice of independent comics, and they will soon be adding a web comics news section. You will also notice that once you log in you’ll have some of your main controls right there for you as well.

To help eliminate spam, and unfair sniping, from now on you must be a registered Drunk Duck member to comment, rank, post, etc. You can still do it anonymously, but remember, we Admins will know who you are. Any spammer will have their account shut off immediately.

Inside the site you will find a new tool bar on the top of every page. This tool bar ensures you can navigate through the site wherever you are. It also allows you to easily add favorites, see your current favorites, and go to any of your favorites from wherever you may be. Yes, and it ensures we get our logo, and with the lower nav bar, our legal stuff on every page, which we must have.

So that’s the first major upgrade, like I said more to come. Give us your feedback in the Forums. We are working hard at it, and hope to have the next major evolution in about 30 days. More tools for creators, better community functions, etc. All that stuff you’ve been telling us about :)

-Dylan Squires, Founder and Chief Administrator



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