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Quackcast 653 - Star Treken

Ozoneocean at Sept. 19, 2023, midnight
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Today we're talking about STAR TREK! Star Trek is a pretty influential piece of pop-culture. Most interesting to me is that it's a future that is NOT a dystopia. It's a large scale vision of a future world where everything is NOT terrible and collapsing in on itself. You can count those on one hand. It's worth talking about just because of that. Instead of taking the boring, tried and true dystopia route the creators of this world decided to explore a premise of "what happens when a world actually works?".

Star Trek has had many versions, from the original series in the 1960s, to the animated 70s version, the movies, the 3 big series in the 1990s, the revival prequel series, and my personal fave: the animated "Lower Deck"s. Out of all Star Trek I've seen I have to say that The Next Generation, Voyager, and Lower Decks are my faves, along with the The Wrath of Khan. But Lower Decks really stands out as a classic because it pays homage to all of classic Star Trek as well as seamlessly updating the culture to today's political environment and being amazingly funny at the same time.

It is extremely rare for an IP to accomplish this. In almost every single case the creators will butcher the IP by changing everything, crapping all over the original incarnation and being super clunky and embarrassingly amateur with incorporating modern cultural ideals to do with things like gender equality, racial diversity, and sexuality. Lower Decks is as smooth as silk in that regard.

Which version of Star Trek is your fave?

This week Gunwallace has given us a theme inspired by The Spook Control - Starts off creepy then bursts into high speed, action oriented racing sounds, setting your pulse aflame and dangerously fast! Full on electronica.

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