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Moonlight meanderer

CAT! The [i]printed[/i] book Is finally available!

Volte6 at Feb. 3, 2006, 11:12 a.m.

CAT! is now available in printed form for all of those who have been waiting for it to happen! The first printed work by the one and only KC Green can be YOURS!

For those that haven't, read some CAT! and then buy the book :) You won't be sorry!

Here's what you get:

* 76 Pages!
* 5 new CAT! Stories!
* Intro + Outro
* Sketches
* Reprinting of the 10 page CAT! from Drunk and Disorderly!

All for only $10!

Don't have $10? Get a downloadable copy for only $3.95!


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Moonlight meanderer

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