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All we hear is Radio Gaga

skoolmunkee at 4:21AM, July 24, 2006

Just as a friendly reminder, NO DD ADMIN WILL EVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD.

As of last Friday, Two Moons has reached 200 pages! (That's older than some trees, if a page equalled a year and if a webcomic were at all comparable to a tree…) Also, Jenshin has published an artbook/comicbook “thing” called Salty Sky. She has 15 that she's signed personally and if someone buys one of these from her directly, she'll give them a free sketch too. You can find details on the Two Moons page or at her personal page.

Le Farce's comic Le Farce's ZOMG SPRITE COMIX ROFL!!!1! will be ending on July 25th. :(

If you would like to win a custom plushie, then you should check out this forum thread by thatreevesgirl!

Hey, remember the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards? Well, the ceremony comics (arguably the best part of the thing) have been posted by Ryan Estrada on his site. He seems like a nice guy. If you want to look at the presentation comics, head this way.



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