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Moonlight meanderer

Well what do you know?

skoolmunkee at March 17, 2006, 2:54 a.m.

Sorry the updates have been fewer and farther between lately. We aren't completely organized yet (also we like to keep major things on the front page, if we can).

Would someone who went to the UK Mini and Web Comics Thing like to send me an email or PM with a kind of report? I think some people would be interested in reading it. I stopped by it, but not for long, and I don't like crowds (and it was crowded in there) so I ended up not going around too much. I think some DDers could do a much better job of a "con report" than I could do. :)

DD News

Don't forget about the cool new DD Alerter, which will hopefully be available for Mac users soon. Meanwhile Windows users can experience the greatness that is hand-delivered updates about your comic, comments, and favorites.

The Resend Activation Email and Resend Password functions now work.

Polite Yet Stern Requests
Would all users please ensure that their user avatars (which appear when they make comments to others, not their forum avatars) are of a reasonable size? We suggest 10 kb or smaller. This is because so many of them appear on a page, in addition to a (usually fairly large) comic page, it makes for a lot of downloading for users. It also takes up server resources to deliver larger files. You can change your user avatars in your control panel- remember that changes don't appear immediately. Thank you!

Also, please remember to be respectful of other forum members when making forum posts. Don't condescend to, insult out of hand, or bait them, that falls under the category of "being a jerk." Also, replies which are just images with non-witty text are much more like spam than they are actual replies. We like our forum to be pleasant and friendly, but people who troll the help forums or consistently bring threads off-topic lower the tone of the place. We know everyone has their own personality and freedom of speech and all, but 98% of the people on the forums can manage to be decent posters, so we know it isn't impossible.

I probably could have been more polite about that actually, but being polite isn't something I'm known for. Sorry! You will live, even if you are mortally insulted.

Community Projects
Eunice P is collecting comic tutorials from many comic authors here on DD. She is hoping to get a range of subjects and styles. I know she has invited some specific people, but I'm sure most people are welcome to submit something to her. I want to encourage people to do this, I think it will be an interesting and helpful resource for comic authors. I know that a lot of webcomic creators (myself included) always kind of think that their creation processes are kind of boring, but as a consumer I usually find other people's methods fairly interesting and helpful. Although it has to show up as a gif/jpg/png, you could make a tutorial about any part of your idea, writing, editing, layout, or drawing processes.

The current comic up for review is Jade Revolver. Stop by the thread, take a look at the comic, and let them know what you think.

This week's Weekly Writer's Challenge is Vampire Phantasm, wherein you do something with clubs, Mexicans, and one crazy man.

More people need to post photos in the Post Your Pictures thread.

Also, there is some interest in the Art Trading Cards thread, and I think there should be more.

Randal from Gene needs guest comics, and although hpkomic is helping, Randal has always been a great contributor to Drunk Duck (as has hpk) so I think he deserves a bit of help when he needs it.

Improving the Duck
I've decided to start taking some stuff from the forums to build a proper DD help/FAQ page. If anyone would like to volunteer something they've done (screenshots are very helpful), an informative thread they've seen, or if they'd like to write something for me to include, please let me know! I can be PMed or emailed, my forum and email username is skoolmunkee and my email is gmail.

OK, I think that's it for now.


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Moonlight meanderer

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