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Moonlight meanderer

Get those reading glasses ready, this is going to be a long one~

Black_Kitty at March 24, 2006, 10:24 p.m.

Yesterday was The KAMics' 500th strip! And last week was Gunnerkrigg Court's 100th strip! Which concidentally, was also around the time one of Tonykewv1's comic reached its 200th! And on April 4th, Soapbox Hill is going to reach its one year anniversary! And that happens after Obnoxious High's 100th comic this coming Monday!

And I am using a lot of examination marks!!!!! :D

But seriously, good job guys and congrats! It's always awesome to see comics celebrating their milestones. Remember that if you want your comic's milestone announced, please feel free to private message any of us admins about it. Perferrably one week in advance so that we can get organized. :)

If you guys are looking for some great comic tutorials, be sure to check out the tutorials Eunice P has been compiling together at Comic Tutorials! And she's always looking for contributors so if you have some great tutorials bubbling in your mind, why not let them out and contribute? :)

But if tutorials aren't your thing, consider helping out with The Quack, DrunkDuck's e-zine! Eleika's always looking for contributors, particularly for interviews and comics so if you're interested, speak up in this forum thread!

And if tutorials or e-zines aren't your thing, then try contributing guest strips to Gene and The Funbox (forum post here) who would really really appreciate it if you do.

And if tutorials, e-zines or guest strips aren't your thing, then perhaps you can check out the current Writer's Challenge or review a comic over at the review forum!

And if none of those things are your uh, thing then I have two Aero chocolate bars. You can taste all of its delicious glory if you come to my art show on April 8th. ;)

With that, let us all end on the immortal words of whoever I could find in the chatrooms at 1 AM:

Black_Kitty> I am updating news. Anyone have any?
Girl> I don't.
hpkomic> I'm looking for books to buy. :D
Black_Kitty> Books! /o/
hpkomic> Money helps me get things. :D
Black_Kitty> Such is the delicious delight of money. <3
hpkomic> Oooh, I ahev a suggestiong.
hpkomic> ugh, horrible typos.
hpkomic> Anyway, ahve everyone go visit Impulse so Bastet will begin updating the damn thing again.
Black_Kitty> I shall mention that~


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Moonlight meanderer

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