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Moonlight meanderer

Saturday newsbit

Black_Kitty at March 4, 2006, 12:19 a.m.

Hey guys! Friendly neighbourhood cat on the Internet here with your weekly dose of news! :) Happy news first~

hpkomic proposed an awesome idea on the forums: sponsor a comic. Noticed a comic that's not getting the comments they should? Why not sponsor them by providing a link to that comic on your site, your author's notes and your forum signature? Click here to read more!

Don't forget to also check out the Offical Drunk Duck Comic Jam which recently created an account to showcase the comics!

This is a bit late but on February 28th, Mafital reached its 200th strip with a special comic! So go visit and say congrats.

On a more serious note, let's talk about the commenting system for a moment.

The commenting system has a long history at Drunk Duck and it can be a very valuable tool for webcartoonists. We try to encourage honest use of it and in an ideal world, the ratings should be able to speak for itself without the need for an accompanying comment.

Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world and snipes/flames do occur. We want to discourage flames and snipes but encourage constructive criticisms and open dialogue between creator and reader. And we try our best in doing so whenever we're reviewing the reported comments.

All I'm asking from you guys is a little help here. If you're going to comment or vote (be it 5 or 1 or any number inbetween) please refrain from making inappropriate comments or trollish remarks. Instead, add something mildly constructive. "I don't like this comic because I feel the joke fails to deliver as you intend it to", "I think you need to work on the proportions of your characters", or anything along those lines. I'm not looking for an essay or an earth shattering revelations, just a little something to help us out here.

And while you're at it, don't forget your standard forum etiquette! Don't troll, don't spam, and don't hit and run. (Hit and run is where you drop a disruptive comment for the sake of annoying people then run off.) Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action by any one of the admins or moderators.

I now leave you with the immortal words of blu:

Black_Kitty> Does anyone here have something they want me to write?
blu> ummm
blu> the latest news from drunkduck chat: PIE.
Black_Kitty> PIE indeed. :D


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Moonlight meanderer

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