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All Milestones, All The Time!

skoolmunkee at 8:58AM, July 20, 2007

Come get some of your own super-hot milestone action! Aaaow!

timlight's Drunk Duck Speesheez (a comic where he's drawing characters from the DD universe!) is 50, and his Super K O is almost 75! Also he says, “a million thanks!”

Allan's Allan is 100 pages old (that's 100 Allan Days to you) - lets hope there are lots more coming too!

At 25 strips is Filmkid's AntiDepressed (and with a title like that, wouldn't each small step count?)

Also turning 25 is Ryan McLelland's Chris and Vernbugg (which he sadly tells me no one cares about…) :(

Zenstrive's BluDoo is 75 strips and going strong!

joerocks1981 tells me that his comic Internet Superbuddies is 50 pages old! Woo!

reboundcomic's Rebound is 100 “actual” strips old! (which means not counting guest strips and such). He's a nice guy so go say hi!

And today's winner is Brood Knight Shadow Nemesis by kyupol which has recently hit 150 strips!

Don't forget our current Creator Interview with Loki of Nintendo Super Squad! You don't want to miss it!

Do you ever think of using the Squad for selfish reasons like revenge or coin-gathering?



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