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skoolmunkee at 9:53AM, July 25, 2007

There are lots of bugs popping up around the site lately, most of them having to do with various images, updating problems, and possibly the Alerter. Lots of people have made forum threads asking what is going on, unfortunately we don't really have an answer right now for them other than that we are hoping they'll be fixed soon. So please bear with us. :) Sorry!

///addendum By SpANG
There seems to be a bug on the site right now that won't let us load any new images by the “featured comics”. We realize that this is unfair to the comic account holders and we are working to get it resolved. Sorry.

We'll be featuring these comics again AFTER the bug is fixed.

Skulldog of BRINK is holding a contest! If you win, you get to be in the comic, which sounds pretty awesome to me. :) More details on this page!

Hitting 25 pages this week is booger's A Few Brain Cells Short of Normal!

Nikai Nocturne tells me that Laments of a Short Attention Span is 50! Yay!

Also turning 50 is Stevesan's Fascination (and which he also tells me is his longest running story so far)!

Another 50-pager this week (and also ending its first chapter, so a good time to check it out) is Rydel6's Return Zero!

At 200 pages is Misfit Assassins by Kristin Gudsnuk!

We have someone else at 200 pages too, though not until the 30th, so if you want to be able to say "I found Miruku's comic Emma before it turned 200!" then you had better get a move on!

fern's Teenage Wasteland is 300 pages old this week! Wow!



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