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I am late cat D:

Black_Kitty at 12:18AM, July 31, 2007

I am late with the news. :( But before I start, I just want to thank everyone who PQed me with kind words and thoughts. I really appreciated them, they helped me so much (in ways that I don't think I will ever be able to fully explain in words,) and I did read all of them! There was just so many though and I never got the chance to reply to everyone. :( But this only proves that this is a fantastic community, you are all awesome, and totally not for eating!

Contests! Awards! Voting! Oh my!
Did you know that the nominees for 2007 DD Awards (organized by our beloved moderator Subcultured) is now up? Which means you should go take a look and start voting!

Lace has a message for everyone~

Voting has started for the contest that is being held for my manga Digital Desire, which consists of people creating their own character and the voters using the drunk duck scoring system to vote on their favorite design. The voting will be held HERE.

Dreaded Eater and Bleachemon has both reached its 25th milestone!

Estatic Gods is ecstatic to inform all of you it is 75 pages old!

Penis has meanwhile reached 100 pages!

There is more news and it will come but everyone should go check out the DrunkDuck Awards Voting page while I go sleep as it is 3 AM!

Sleep cat sleep.



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