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Creator Interview: Fugli of View of Venus!

skoolmunkee at 3:02AM, Nov. 13, 2007

Hey all! I'm back! You can send me your millions of news announcements now! (And if you sent me any before, I deleted all of them, because I announced I wasn't gonna be here and I can't be bothered to check to see if someone else announced them already. Sorry!)

First up though, there's a new interview, with fugli of View of Venus! (And some special guest questions from Ozoneocean!)

What's most fun about your comic in particular? Besides the boobs that is.
Actually, I think my boob count is not that high. There are a lot of comics on DD that have higher boob quantity and boob quality. View of Venus actually has a boob-basticness rating of only 2.3 and a nipplistic level in the low 30's. Not to mention it's unimpressive, lowly .05 areola to tingling sensation in midsection ratio. Those numbers just don't lie.
Visit the forum thread to read the rest!



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