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tonight we make history

skoolmunkee at 12:42PM, April 18, 2008

Hi all! There's lots of things popping up lately in the Networking and Community forum, all kinds of cool collaborations and group projects! You should probably stop being a comics wallflower and check them out!

For example, Drunk Duck Top Trumps! Haven't you wanted to see DD characters on trading cards? I know you have! DO EEEET

Akashikwill be hitting the 50 pages milestone mark Friday April 18th!

Vol. 1 of Akashik is also going to be in print very soon. This is an even bigger milestone for us because we never thought we'd get that far! It's going to be black and white, 40 pages, with an exclusive mini-story that will only be seen in this book. (You can pre-order the book you know! Note the preview images are in color, that's a glitch - the book is b/w)

Oh yeah! And one more thing: our group, Writers of the Apocalypse, have been interviewed/featured on Chris Tinkler's TOMORROW'S STUDIOS TODAY!

And that's it! Thank you so much!

KAM's The KAMics has reached 800 comics! Wow!

Crossoville by Llama_Comic has reached 25 pages! Congrats!

Also reaching 25 pages is Geardrafter's Roof Riders (and just a few days away from 1-year-i-versary too!)

The popular Shades by DJAB hs reached 100 pages, and is also starting chapter 7! Apparently the action takes place about a 100 years ago - I dunno about you but I love me some Victorian drama! (Ladies, I checked it out myself, and there's a pretty good lookin' man-butt on the current page!)

Chernobog has two milestones - the first is that Schizophrenia Bloom is at 75 pages! The second is that Arachnid Goddess (rated A) has reached 25 pages!

One last thing from keithmccleary!
My comic, Killing Tree Quarterly, has become an honest-to-god comic book and is up for sale at my publisher's website.

This new book includes everything I've put up on DD as well as one new story IN CHINESE. Holy crap!

We'll also be selling the book at various comic conventions all summer; thusly I think they're limiting the number of copies sold through the interweb. So hurry hurry hurry and buy up what they got; it'll make me look good and I will love you (quite possibly) forever. (Plus they're only $5 plus shipping!)

Our first convention appearance is at NY Con, April 18-20. I'll be there signing books at the Terminal Press booth (#1906), and we'll also have KTQ shirts and buttons for sale.



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