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Milestone, comic ending, and Monday's featured comic is Mary Sue Academy!

skoolmunkee at 4:28AM, Aug. 4, 2008

If fanfiction were real, then fanfiction characters would be real… including Mary Sues, those perfectly despicable do-it-alls. And where would they come from? Why, a Mary Sue Academy of course, where they learn all their tooth-sickening traits, perfect their niche (there's even a Little Mermaid), and are unleashed upon the world. Clever premise, fun characters, cute art, and funny writing - the best bits are the Mary Sues themselves.
Read Mary Sue Academy

Super Smash Brothers Grand Tour, by Ryu_The_Fox, is about to reach 250 pages! Congrats!

And Locoma tells me that he has ended his comic Locoma… let's hope he starts a new comic soon!



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