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It's almost Valentine's Day, what are you giving me?

skoolmunkee at 1:26AM, Feb. 11, 2008

And if you say ‘news’ you are wrong mister! T_T

I'm holding a contest to replace the current (and boring) title page/comic thumbnail for Rumbles. Contestants should PQ me their submissions for The Rumbles Title Page/New Comic Thumbnail Super Contest! Only one entry will be able to win this coveted title I so made up within twenty seconds.

Daf42 tells me that Musical Farm News is reaching 100 pages (and also 2 years old) on Saturday, and so to celebrate he has started posting “cover versions” (like those guys who rip off songs) of some of his favorite DD comics!

Hitting 75 pages is @$$hole! It is also the start of a 3-month story art that will update 3x per week for the first time! “It's going to be a fun ride, as it celebrates the 21st birthday of Laura (the main character's girlfriend).” A 3-month birthday party? Sounds awesome :) (And tiring)



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