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The very annoying long-lived image bug is FIXED!

skoolmunkee at 2:51PM, July 7, 2008

Hello, sorry the newspost and feature are a bit late today. I plumb forgot. Well, I didn't really completely forget. I completely forgot all weekend but then this morning I remembered, but when I went onto the site it was chugging along too slow to do anything. Then I had work all day, then I had to walk the dog, and eat dinner, and then I had to watch a movie from 1970 about a machine that takes over the world called COLOSSUS.

But now I can do the feature and the newspost.

Monday's feature is Project Kokiro!

A trio of fairly bubble-headed terrorists breaks into a high security compound to steal the time travel project Kokiro. They DO have a reason for wanting to go to the past (maybe) and although they seem to get in a lot of fights, they are (sort of) getting some kind of job done. If you're looking for a colorful, whimiscal, funny comic with lots of flailing arms and strange facial expressions, check this one out!

Also, as indicated in the newspost title… the image bugs should be fixed. ALL of them. I think the thumbnails might still sometimes show the wrong rating, but the whole image updating thing, comic pages, comic thumbnails, avatars… it should all be working now. If not, let us know.

FINALLY! I feel like we should have fireworks or something…


worstcase has reached 100 Faults! Sounds like a pretty flawed human being to me… ;)

Dumok is pleased to announce that WarMage has reached 150 pages!

Comicdeoxyribonucleicacid by rufus_edge has reached 25 pages of comicdeoxyribonucleicgoodness! And if I spelled any of that wrong I don't wanna know.

This last Monday was Raw Fish's 1st year anniversary on this site!! And to thank everyone for keeping me drawing/on this site, I have made a series of flash movies. These movies will contain a slew of cameos and maybe some surprises. I will set a link to each movie starting on the 7th of July. Each and every Monday I will post a new link to a movie, until all movies have been posted. Now, I do not want any one to get their hopes up, I am NOT a flash master, and these movies are in the Raw Fish style.
Geez, set us up and knock us down why don't you :) I'm sure the movies will be great!



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