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Start your Monday with milestones, contests, and comics in print!

skoolmunkee at 1:42AM, March 31, 2008

Hefs Adventures by Hefaistus has reached 25 comics! Congrats, and keep at it!

Mizukane says that Story of a Robot has reached 100 pages! Check it out!

Also reaching 100 pages is MAG-ISA by kyupol!

GUYS!!! Aussie_Kid would like everyone to know that the second issue of Fowl Play is available! Fowl Play is an e-zine collection of work by various contributors around Drunk Duck… Inside it are cool comics and some good stories, so head on over to LuLu and grab a copy! They're a steal!

alejkhan's Lola is going to be 300 pages old this week! Woo!

She's also holding a contest called “The Spirit of Laziness Contest,” wherein “whomever's fanart embodies best the true Spirit of Laziness will get themselves drawn in the Lola style and cameoed in the comic.” You can read more details if you like!

The second SuperFogeys book just went up on Wowio! Check it out:

The SuperFogeys Collected Works #2 - “The Techno Shuffle” on Wowio

The Wowio version of the book features an exclusive-to-Wowio short backup story entitled “The Secret Origin of the Space Pig” drawn by Daniel Woodhouse of Thog Infinitron fame. Worth it just for the art (but I confess to being slightly proud of the story as well)!

The SuperFogeys Collected Works #1 - “Insane Romance From Hell” and “Bingo Night” also available.




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