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Care to try a game of chickin' kickin'

skoolmunkee at 4:12PM, Sept. 15, 2008

Lots of milestones today! But first…

Sorry about the periods of site slowness and database inaccessability. Platinum is working on moving DD to a new server, but apparently things are in Houston, which isn't really in a position right now to be messing with that kind of thing. So, as always, we appreciate your patience. :)

Attention, sprite-sheet makers! Poliwirl100 is having a competition, and YOUR sprite sheet could be the winner! Details can be found on his comic page, Final Fantasy Stickied! (As well as several other of his comics.)

Story of a Robot (former feature) by Mizukane has reached 150 pages!

Milky's Sluice (sounds kind of dirty when I say it like that) has “crested” 75 pages as of last Friday! (this just gets dirtier…) It's a strip featuring “bees, puns, blood, tears, bald guys, drama, romance, potty jokes, rats, mice, vapires… the works!”

GiantPinkWalrus's comic Totally Cool Comic About Video Games 2 has reached 25 pages! Congrats!

A Dose of Weird by Demonik has “surprisingly” started up again and reached 50 pages! (And Demonik says, in a semi-related blurb, that he's working on a second comic called The Damned which will start on the 17th.)

Thasanimos tells me that Please Insert Humor reached 50 pages on Saturday! What if I don't want to insert humor? I need my humors for the laundromat… Oh, and he says that he appreciates the readers he's had so far for helping him get so close to the top 100 comic strips. :)



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