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Massive news update today!

skoolmunkee at 4:05AM, April 9, 2009

Massive news update today!

Earlier this week there was almost no news, and since then loads of news has come in! What's with you guys, eh? Is the full moon making you more productive or something? Not that I'm complaining! :] Now go and eat some marshmallow and chocolate animals!

It's not too late to sign up for Mafia V! It's an incredibly fun game, doesn't take too much time (unless you REALLY get into it) and not very hard to play! Will you be a Townie, trying to root out the mafia and hoping you aren't killed (or lynched by your fellow Townies)? Or will you get to be a Mafia and go around killing people at night to win the game for your side? There's a core of people who have been playing in most of the games so far- but new players are always welcomed (and always end up having fun)!

Tyrapendragon tells me that Fusion 22 is done! If you don't already know, Fusion is a community project/game where people have signed up to draw panels in turn… but they've only seen the panel that comes directly before theirs. These are always fun to read because they end up in such strange places! So, go check it out!

Linked Fate by Lord Rend surpassed 25 pages on Wednesday, due to a multiple-page update!

Also on Wednesday, ToonmanAZ's Company Man reached a giant 700 pages! Not too late to drop in and score some leftover cake and punch I hope?

Punk-Pink! by Hapoppo has reached 100 pages! Congrats!

Walrus's WWE The Comic recently turned 125 pages old!

Ephemeral by Prank and Dark_Link777 has reached 175 pages! They say that's after it's only been on DD a week - I'm guessing that it was mostly finished before they uploaded it, NOT that they are insane and can do 20 pages a day. :]

On Friday, Crackwalker by Moondog reaches 100 pages!

n_y_japlander's Raw Fish turns 200 pages (220 ‘actual’ pages) on Friday- and by then, Raw Fish should get its 4000th comment… every 1000th comment, n_y_japlander does a guest strip for the person who made that comment!

On Wednesday, Rival Angels… the comic about pretty girls wrestling each other… turns 200 pages old. As usual, our main heroine, ‘Ultragirl’ Sabrina Mancini is in the middle of fighting a nasty girl (really, see for yourself the language she uses) and trying valiantly to get the victory. Can Sabrina pull it off? Or will Sabrina's hopes for victory be shattered?



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