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Loads of news today, a little bit of everything! Signups, too!

skoolmunkee at 1:44AM, Aug. 10, 2009

Lots of stuff today so listen up!

First up we've got community stuffs:

FUSION SIGNUPS TIME! This is a fun, easy way to get into a community project without a lot of work! The Fusion is kind of a ‘game’ where the first person makes a panel, passes it to the next person who makes the second panel, and passes ONLY that second panel onto the third person to make the third panel, who passes ONLY the third panel onto the fourth person… So! All you're really doing is making a panel based on the single one you've seen before. It's a lot of fun, and when they're all posted at the end (click on the comic thumbnail above to see finished Fusions) you can see how quickly things get weird and off-path. :]

MAFIA SIGNUPS TOO! They'd like to get as many people as they can before the game starts on Wednesday night!

Product Placement
This will be a game like no other. Normally the game involves about the players killing each other left and right. Well that's all fine and good but what happens after they die? Well here I am to tell you all. There's no peaceful afterlife! It's back to the trenches people! A war between Heaven and Hell is about to ignite. So come on over, pluck the feathers of a nearby angel, harass the demons with their own pitchfork and conduct mayhem that is sure to make Lucifer himself jealous of envy. The game of ultimate destiny is about to begin. Don't miss out if you know what's good for you.

BlkKnight announces the long-awaited FIGHTSPLOSION 5 SIGNUPS! Fightspolosion is a huge and fun project where people sign their characters up for a fighting tournament (which takes place in their drawings) and the community eventually narrows it down to one winner… This time around, it's the standard single character tournament (unlike FS4's teams) with a couple of twists along the way. There are only 16 contestants, so space is limited, but you gotta want to commit to participating, because there are some deadlines involved. It's great fun though, so check out the signups thread for more details, and some of the Rounds in the fightsplosion forum to get an idea for how it goes.


darkpower101010's Pixel Plumbers reached 150 pages on Saturday! Congrats!

Living Large by machinehead hits 25 pages today! He says, “Living Large is the other offensive comic I draw when i'm not having cows and pigs kill each other or talk dirty.” (He's talking about Cowtoons, of course.)

And a combo milestone/podcast announcement:

The Villain Next Door by royduncan (with argonsassistant) hits 250 this week!

Roy Duncan and Paul Shelly (of Pawz to Clawz) also do a weekly podcast called THE VILLAIN'S CORNER at 10pm EST where they talk about comics, have guests, etc- it's been mentioned here a few times before. They have an announcement for some special upcoming shows:
For the 27 & 28 show we have some super cool guests that could benefit artists on dd. On our Aug 14 show we will have an interview with KA-BLAM online printing company. We will discuss the how to's of using them to print on demand comics! On our Aug 20 show we will be interviewing ARROW COMICS. They have been independent publishers since the 80's and we will talk with them about the in's and out's of running an independent comic company or how to do it on your own. I think both of these interviews will be more than helpful to all on dd who want to take their comic to the next level.

Lastly (mostly because there is a big quote) there is a new interview up! I'm so glad there have been so many interviews lately, we'll have more coming for a while I think. Today it's Pirka interviews Pieguy259 of Stickman And Cube! Don't be put off because it's a stick figure comic, it is well written and pretty funny- there is even a comic in the interview, but I'm not going to give it away by putting it in the newspost!
Sometimes the strip spins off into 'The Adventures of Captain Invisible'. Is Captain Invisible a fictional character within the strip's universe or would it be possible for him to ‘cross over’ with Stickman and Cube?

Good question! Captain Invisible has, to my recollection, appeared twice outside of his own strips (except his character profile): once in the May Day filler in 2008 and once in “The Slow Path” storyline when the Cartoonist needed advice on what to do in Stickman and Cube's absence due to time travel.
The canonicity of fillers is rather nebulously defined, and Captain Invisible talking to the Cartoonist doesn't necessarily prove he exists within Stickman and Cube's main universe. The duo certainly know he exists.
Really, what parts of the comic constitute Stickman and Cube's actual universe are rather unclear, as it constantly changes with my whims. It started off as an entirely blank universe consisting solely of Stickman and Cube, but now includes Nebraska, a voting place, The Brewpub and Canberra. “Behind the Inanimateness: The Mr Tasey Story” is a whole other issue.
The answer here is a definite “I have no idea, but good on you for asking that question”.



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