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DD was down but now it's back and here's some news!

skoolmunkee at 8:53AM, Aug. 27, 2009

Interview time! Continuing a nice streak of “people having way too much fun interviewing each other” we've got amanda interviewing Niccea and Ochitsukanaiof Mystery Bread (and the DD Mafia comic)!

One of my favorite things about your comic is all the detail and silly objects in the background. I particularly like the bread-box house. What little non-plot-essential background thing still makes you laugh?
Niccea: Well. They weren’t entirely non-plot-essential, but I still like the hole in the wall and the House of Highly Flammable objects. The hole in the wall was actually going to be a plot device once. It was literally be a hole in the 4th wall. But we decided against the silliness of it and patched it up.
Having Exclamatory Man! giving the airlines speal was another highlight for me.

Ochi: Lately, my favorite thing has been a poster advertising Oscar Wilde in the doctor's office. I think it cures depression; when you go to the pharmacy, they give you a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray, which restores your sense of aesthetics and allows you to see beauty again. Either that or it bores you to death. Either way, your suffering ends.

Normally I would never speak well of cigarette compounds, but Nicotine's recently-featuredThe Rose Killer reaches 50 pages today!

Krensada tells me that Farmillia recently reached 75 pages, and says that it has been a very hard but fun journey. Can't ask for much better! (Except maybe being slightly less hard?)

Dot Dot Dot… (by dotdotdot) turned a big ol' 125 pages yesterday! Congrats…!



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