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Monday's feature- CERINTHA

skoolmunkee at 3:04AM, July 13, 2009

Cerintha is a weak, greedy, lazy, and somewhat dense woman (and a bad soldier). Due to not too much fault of her own, she's being chased across the countryside by her former commander in the army, a madwoman with godlike powers, another madwoman with a big sword, and an inscrutable (but probably not mad) woman who can will herself to come back from the dead. Oh, the list grows. Somehow she's gained the magical protection of the sky god which surely will just get her into more trouble. It's hard to feel sorry for her when every page of this comic is so funny, though. There is a dramatic story going on here behind all the comedy- some struggling with power, others struggling with weakness, a bit of madness, a dash of betrayal, unasked-for gift-curses and even a bit of war.

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