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Posting Monday news on Sunday afternoon, whynot?

skoolmunkee at 9:39AM, July 19, 2009

Just like last Monday, this Monday we have a new interview up!Harkovast interviews jgib99- and here's an excerpt!

Question 6
There are a lot of naked/semi naked women in your comic, what made you decide to include that? Do you just like drawin’ em or was it a move to get hits? Be honest!

I always planned on having the comic be for mature readers. So, I really didn’t have a problem with drawing nudity in How Unfortunate. I’ll admit it, I love drawing women (especially naked), and I really don’t have a problem drawing male nudity (It’ll eventually happen in HU). But I’d rather draw women. :P
Keep an eye out because more will be posted this week! (Questions about naked ladies not guaranteed.)

Drunk Duck Awards!
Now is your chance to exercise some democracy and participate in the Drunk Duck Awards 2009! There's a lovely long list of categories - voting/nominating will start on the 24th (and run til the 31st), so now is the time to:
- Look over the list of categories (and think about who you'll want to vote for)
- Sign up as a panelist/judge if you like (to help choose final winners)
- Sign up as a presenter (to do those lovely comics that get you extra attention)

Be sure to read the DD Awards thread linked above to make sure you know what you're signing up for :]

Milestones time!

The Chronicles of Wyrden by Doctor Shadow and reva Flynn hits 175 Monday! Congrats!

Last Call (by lastcall) reaches 100 pages on Tuesday!

moverfield has two milestones! Bullet Mythology (how's that for a name?) has reached 50 pages, and Exhaust has reached 75! He'd like to say, “Thanks to everyone who's reading my comix!”

Now I'm off to watch the “make a man out of you” montage in Mulan! Mysterious as the dark side of the moon, indeed!



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