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I knew I forgot something.... a new interview is up too!

skoolmunkee at 9:56AM, July 23, 2009

In case you missed them, there's been a number of new DD member interviews going up lately! They are all good reads and very entertaining, plus it's a great way to support other DDers and community activity. So! The newest one is here:
ifelldownthestairs interviews DrLuck of A Loonatic's Tale and others!

5. Holy shit, you're colorblind? When were you diagnosed as such? Or have you always known?

A: I was diagnosed this when I was in elementary, so it's not really a new thing. I mix up colors like browns and reds and others like greens and blues. If you have red text on a black background, I can't read it.

It's the reason I use digital coloring, actually. I hate not having things just so when it comes to art, so if a character's color is a bit off, it bothers me. The eye dropper tool helps me a lot with keep thing everything consistent. In the older colored pages, I memorized what markers went with what character.

Don't forget there are some other recent ones in the Interviews Forum that are also great, and I'm sure some replies would be much appreciated!



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