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DD interviews, community stuff, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 1:05AM, May 11, 2009

In case you didn't know (I'm guessing most of you don't), the signups for Drunk Duck Fusion XXIII are up! What's the Fusion? People who sign up taking turns drawing a panel - but you only know what happened in the panel just before yours! They need at least 10 people to start (and signups close at 20 people) so hurry and put your name in!

We have another Quack with the Ducks user interview! Today, we have a massive interview by taradaga, who has asked ozoneocean a bunch of questions about Pinky TA- and ozone gives some very interesting answers! I think I told Ozone I'd say it was the best most interestng interview ever! Sorry, I forgot exactly- haha :)

Don't forget that last week I posted an interview by sifueagle, of Krisikas (of Age of Ends) - please check that one out too!


Evil Snowman by Nergal (who certainly has a lot of comics) has reached 75 pages as of last Thursday!

Lil' Hero Artists Manga Edition by silvipera and Floodgatemartyr has passed the 50 page mark! AND, AND AND AND the Lil' Hero Artists First Issue Collection TPB is now on sale!

TheFlyingGreenMonkey (who I think I killed once in Mafia, or at least tried to get lynched) is the creator of No Talent, which has reached its 75th page! He says, “And a lot has changed from the last milestone. I'm updating mon-fri and its got me to 350's, while I was in the 700's last time! Skool I'm winning! I don't know how but I am XD” My friend, you smell like a champion!

Huss by hillbillywerewolf has just passed the 300 page mark!



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