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The News What Once Was Monday And Now Is Sunday!

skoolmunkee at 2:02PM, Nov. 15, 2009

(For those who missed my announcement last week, I'm changing the news schedule slightly… regeglurlar news on Sunday PM and Thursday AM, instead of Monday AM and Wed-or-Thurs AM.)

Okay! Let's reach into the Mailbag here…

This letter is from raven37, who says:

My webcomic, Insects Corp. is about reach issue no.25 on Nov.16 and have three fans at the moment. Also, I guess it wouldn't hurt to say that my webcomic is about to really reach two fever pitches where one of my characters, Vexxa is about to visit her home kingdom for the first time and ask her queen something in a time of crisis which the Insectians face. Also, I have a nice surprise for my readers where Zarana ,the rogue Cybersect who is now threating the world of Insecta is going to meet one very evil queen in December which I am quite excited about.
Then raven37 went on to tell me what the actual twist is, and I'm not going to tell you guys because MUAHAHAHAHA.

Now we have a short postcard with some funny stamps from The Carriers (by roidvoid) with a note that it has reached 50 pages! “There are some covers and extra illos here and there but it all clocks in at 50 pages.” It all counts, and The Carriers is some quality stuff!

On a lovely bit of colorful scented notepaper in nice handwriting we have a message from SomaX of MOSAIC, who would like everyone to know that page 100 has been reached! And also that Chapter 6 will be starting next Sunday!

That's all tonight everyone, thanks for writing and be sure to check our next show on Thursday!



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