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Admin makes awkward news-food metaphor, hopes no one's appetite is ruined

skoolmunkee at 2:46AM, Oct. 8, 2009

We've got a number of tasty news bites today, its variety and quality will satisfy any news buffet enthusiast!

There's a new interview up! Anubis interviews spearcarrier of Akashik! (Don't forget there are lots of other great interviews in the interview forum too!)

9. Do you take inspiration from movies or comics or other sources?
Well, like I said the story has always lived in me. There's a lot of hard-core research that has went into the story from places like Hindu texts and UFO lore. Other than that, we avoid other mediums. The Apocalypse Writers actually have a rule about staying away from pop culture to an extent. We'll cameo characters (there's a smurf in a crowd on one of the recent pages, for example.) and lords know at the very beginning I had to beat War to death to get her to stop with the Firefly references (there *is no* “If Weeden can do it we can, too”). But events and plot devices are at least because it seems natural not because we really loved The Iron Giant. =^-^=

10. Taus is a very interesting character. Is that you?
Look! A butterfly!

Salt the Holly by amanda is 200 pages in the bag- AND it's the 2 year anniverasy for the comic- AND it's amanda's birthday! (She says, “I pretty much love the way this all worked out.”) There was also a *high five* and a “be good” involved but I'm not sure if those were for me or for you, so I'll take the high five and you can have the be good. That's fair, right?

@$$hole! turned 225 on Wednesday, October 7, 2009.

Still on his blind date from hell, Trevor finds himself drugged by the waiter and succumbing to the effects of the toxins. Can he find a way to beat them before the waiter takes his girl home?

@$$hole! is the multi-award nominated web series by Trevor Mueller. Updates Wednesdays and Fridays.

elektro announces the 25th page of the Negligence Filler and Fan Art Comic - and speaking of art, he's still running his fan art contest, is hoping to receive at least 3 entries but has not gotten any so far! Maybe you think you have plenty of time with the Nov 30 deadline, but let me tell you, time keeps on slippin' and before you know it you will have missed so you had better do it now!

Anubis (who interviewed spearcarrier up above, and also was interviewed himselfearlier this week), announces that Bloodbound has hit 400 pages on Wednesday and is celebrating with a Cast Photo! including hints to who will be making their presence known to the Vampire and Demon in a more meaningful way…

thefightingstranger has two announcements!

Hey, I have a couple of announcements for this week,

First, it is the one year anniversary of The Fighting Stranger.

Then, Lucky Dawg celebrates 100 pages.

I didn't plan for the two things to happen in the same week, but it works.

Theskunktrainer's Skunk Training reaches its 50th comic today! You may think it's strange to end a newspost with skunks, but think of it like a really fine European smellycheese plate for dessert (they do that you know). I know that was a lot of news and maybe you are full, but there's always room for a little dessert right?



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