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Admin Receives Nobel Prize in News Posting, Has A Nice Saturday

skoolmunkee at 2:53AM, Oct. 10, 2009

MysteriousJeff tells me that POKETTO MONSUTAA SPECIAL SUPER EX ADVENTURE XXXVX THE CHRONICLES OF RED BLUE GREEN AND A BUNCH OF OTHER KIDS WITH COLORS FOR NAMES has uploaded its 200th page today- “Remember, it is a parody which heavily distorts the original so that it is not a suitable substitute for going out and supporting the related companies by purchasing the real thing.” Sounds like a disclaimer to me!

The Symmetrical Breadpazoid by Anthony Mercer hit 50 pages back on the 3rd! (He forgot to tell me.)

Rebound by reboundcomic is 275 strips old!

Well, I finally did it - I actually got to 50 pages of Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro. It's been a wild ride!

That's not the exciting news, though:—tankobon-1/7765964 is.

Yep, after much pandering (from my Mom) I decided to grow a pair and PUBLISH ITSERRO. It's available for 10 dollars a copy and features bonuses to make it worth that (and it's mostly to cover material costs).
I promoted DrunkDuck, as A) the community is great and B) all of the quotes on the back cover are from fellow DD residents!



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