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Gang Warfare Erupts on Drunk Duck, Photographers Sad We Are Not A Volcano

skoolmunkee at 6:42AM, Sept. 26, 2009

ParkerFarker would like everyone to know that the signups are on for MAFIA XVI - come join the 16th forum game of paranoid violence IF YOU DARE! This time around it's more or less the traditional rules, but in a slightly different setting- 2 gangs with innocent townies inbetween, oh no! Only one can win!

Aurora Borealis
My webcomic Din Krakatau is finally available through Indyplanet under the title "Amen City Chronicles: Din Krakatau Color Edition."

It's a 136 page color manga/digest sized trade paperback, for 19.99$, collecting the entire archive. All pages have been relettered and the text/dialogue has been updated.

Thank you, that is all :D

Drasnus tells me that Lacerated Veil now has 100 pages! Congrats!

Also turning 100 is As the Galaxy Turns by Smiling Platypus! He adds, “as my fellow readers are aware, these Star Trek stories are absolutely true. I wouldn't make this stuff up.” Now I ask you, can you believe a smiling platypus?



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