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DD Store, PW ads, milestones, and interviews!

skoolmunkee at 12:29PM, April 21, 2010

So how is the DrunkDuck Store working out for everybody? There's a lot of good stuff up there, but the smart folks will be telling their readers and fans that they have a store and it should be visited and stuff bought from! There is a thread about the DD Store in the forums, and some people are ‘reporting back’ about their merchandise and experience there- if you've bought or sold something, I bet people would like to hear about it!

And apparently, you can now purchase some Project Wonderful adspace right here on DD! (Maybe you can advertise your comic or store here?!) I don't really know how PW works so I hope that link is right! Anyway the only PW ad I've seen so far is a big square over in the right-hand column, which shows up on all the DD pages (except comic pages).

Tantz Aerine
I just wanted to announce that my comic Wolf will be completed on Friday, April 23 with the uploading of the final page of the epilogue!!

This crazy ride has finally, after 4 years and some bumps along the road, COME TO AN END!!

Hitting 1000 magical pages is Magical Misfits, by magicalmisfits! I think we can all agree that 1000 is a large number and worth checking the comic out for.

CROSSOVERLORD's 150th page will run this Thursday, and our second year anniversary was the Thursday before that. CROSSOVERLORD is reaching its climax, and should be finished by mid-May at the latest! That's at CROSSOVERLORD featuring seven separate superhero webcomics becoming a team! (Sort of…)

Don't forget that we have two great interviews posted recently! These are all done by you, your very own DDers, and since it's a community thing it is good when the community supports it! And the bestest, easiestest way to show your support for these interviews is to leave a little reply to them so people know you're reading and what you thought!

mamaya94 interviews girldirtbiker of Light Within Shadow!

Kroatz interviews ministrybase of Ministry!

We've got another one in the pipes for Monday, so you best get readin'!



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