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Check out the new DD member interview! Also, contest winners! Also, milestones!

skoolmunkee at 4:19PM, April 25, 2010

We've got another DD user interview up, and this one is a good 'un with lots of interesting tidbits! ministrybase interviews Kroatz of No Heroes!

9. Your art has a rich, plush texture that is draws the reader in. Take us through creating a page for No Heroes.

Every page I make starts with a written description of what's happening on the page, I put the information in three categories:
- Surroundings, what nature, buildings, weather and time of day.
- Actions, what the characters on the page are doing.
- Text, what the characters are saying, what the characters are thinking and what kind of sound effects are on the page.

After that I decide how many frames I'll use for the page,I'm a fan of big frames, lots of open space, so usually I end up with two or three frames.
When these steps are finished I start sketching out the positions of characters, though not too many have appeared in the comic yet, and buildings, objects and the direction of the sun/moon/lamp light.
After the sketches I just draw the silhouettes, and color these. I add details, shadows and other lighting effects.
When the objects are done I draw the backgrounds and weather conditions. I put up a couple of speech bubbles, and then I'm done! After every finished page I drink a couple of beers and then I'm fresh to write another page!

April 25th is National DNA Day! I held a contest and the results are over at my comic, TwoMoons!

I have also made an additional DNA Day website to celebrate the event!

Also, on Monday, 3D Glasses'ses's 3D Glasses turns 75 pages!



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