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The newspost OF DISBELIEF

skoolmunkee at 2:13AM, Aug. 21, 2010

Hey guys! Another Drunk Duck member interview! This time, genejoke interviews ifelldownthestairs (of I Fell Down the Stairs and The Webcomic Review Comic on the Web)! And don't forget that earlier this week, ifelldownthestairs interviewed genejoke!

Hah, Subtle, anyway now we have stumbled on to the webcomic review comic on the web, I may as well ask a few questions about that. You guys seem to have a laugh doing it, so how do you do it? all the sweaty details please.

We just laugh until it's done, and we're all sweaty. You wouldn't think that to be a productive technique, but it really is!

…okay no. We each read the comic, and then discuss it for a while over AIM; sometimes we discuss it while we read. Then I'll put the background together and we'll go over our dialogue - what each of us says in the comic is basically what that person said, though sometimes the other will offer suggestions on how to word certain things. The banter aspect is highly collaborative; it's very much “we should get into an argument here” or “you should act like _____ throughout the review,” and so on. Even some of Hark's puns have been a team effort - every once in a great while, my character will be a bit more mean spirited towards his pun than usual, and when that's the case, chances are that I wrote it. Then there was the Mr. Square review… oh man, we were practically throwing puns at each other while writing that one. That was a lot of fun.

Did you know that Sinful (a featured comic!) by Elanor Pam has reached 175 pages? Believe it… OR NOT!

In ‘another’ 1337 announcement, I Am The 1337 Master's Crap2 has surpassed 175 pages as well! Believe it… IF YOU CAN!

Air Raid Robertson (also a featured comic) by Air Raid Robertson (does that make it a memoir?) has hit 75 pages! Believe it… DO YOU DARE?!

Sameth's Dragon City hits 650 comics on Monday! Believe it… IF YOUR MOM WILL LET YOU!

We also have A Very Special Announcement from harkovast and ifelldownthestairs:
The webcomic review is doing a contest!
The prize will be a special webcomic review mug.
The rules are simple.
Draw fan art for the greatest webcomic on drunk duck….

No really.
People have till the 20th of september to enter.
(no, I mean it, we are deadly serious!)
You heard him, he is deadly serious! BELIEVE IT!



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