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Mafia signups! And news about genejokes, squares, bullhonkenators, arachnids, and strawberries

skoolmunkee at 2:43PM, Aug. 27, 2010

MAFIA IS BACK! Signups for the new round end on Monday- so put your left foot in, and prepare to have it regarded suspiciously and possibly murdered! DDer same is running things time ‘round, I think this is a plain ol’ game, so something straightforward for the vets and easy to get into for the newbs! Everyone who gives Mafia a try ends up enjoying it, so MAYBE YOU WILL BE NEXT?!

Genejoke's Malefic hit 100 pages on Wednesday! Whoop!

No Room for Squares by Kroatz has reached 25 pages!

No Room for Squares is a comic that plays out in a world quite different from ours. Sometimes the stories are happy and cute and sometimes they are a bit violent or disturbing.

Currently the story is still about a boy that will later in the story become important to the world of No Room for Squares.

Also turning 25 strips is bullhonkenator's Never Before Seen!

Arachnid Goddess by Chernobog has reached 325 pages, a number I think anyone can come to respect, if not love!

And Eduds would like everyone to know that Blue Strawberry (sounds yummy) has reached the 50 strips milestone!



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