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DrunkDuck/WeVolt meetup on Sept 25, Zombies and Beer

skoolmunkee at 12:17PM, Aug. 31, 2010

There's two newsposts today, so be sure and check them both out!

Zombies and Beer
Saturday September 25, 2010
No Cover Baby

The Stand Westwood Village
1116 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, Ca 90024

Drunk Duck Meetup! Come drink GOOD beer, watch a zombie movie, geek out. Give your email get $2 beer. 15% off total order (including NOMs) for WEvolt and Drunk Duck members. (coupon coming soon) Come meet up with your long lost friends, meet new people and make some fans! Bring any promo stuff for your comics, and bring sketch stuff to plop down in the Webcomic's Cone of Sketch-a-tude (ok this isn't Get Smart it's just a table in the back) Meet the elusive site admin Kinh, and the overly caffeinated Creepy Carly, fun times and silly hats! WIN!

This event is being put together by carly_mizzou and the folks at Wowio. BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU. (If they loved me, they'd put together an event in the UK.) We've started a thread about the meetup so if you have any questions or whatever, stop by in the thread and Carly will be able to respond!



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